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Educational Technology and Online Learning in Current Situations

Educational technology and mobile learning are heavily influenced by COVID-19. Or we can say that the situation is complementary to each other. In early 2020, when surviving the fatal global pandemic felt like a horror film, no one could think of studies and academics. Even universities and colleges are shut down for unknown days.


However, as the situation gets better, the teachers and educators started looking for solutions to initiate academic progress. That is when they came together to one solution, which is remote learning. It helped many students to survive the insane viral attack. And we are truly grateful for the mobile learning approach in the educational industry. So, if we look back, we cannot help but thank the educational industry and mobile learning.


Importance of Education Technology and Online Learning 

What appeared to us as an alternative solution, started a whole new line of education. Basically, educational technology refers to the use of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning. Online learning involves the use of mobile devices to access study materials and learn within a comfortable time from anywhere they want. And this feature makes it popular among the learners. 


  • Access to Information

Education technology and mobile learning enable learners to access educational materials and resources from anywhere and at any time. Initially, the students had to visit the university or school in physical mode to attend the classes. However, with mobile learning and educational technologies, students can join any course from anywhere. For instance, if the students need to improve their communicative English, they will easily get a basic spoken English course in mobile learning mode. So, if the students want they can study from their homes at any time of the day. 


  • Enhanced Learning Experience

With education technology and mobile learning, learners can engage with multimedia content, interactive simulations, and educational games. It is pretty much clear that the things that we see remain in our brains longer than others. So, if that feature is included in your education, the overall learning experience will be far better than normal learning. Apart from that, the visual learning experience is more enjoyable and effective.


  • Personalised Learning

Education technology and mobile learning can be personalised. Earlier a course was designed to fit all the students into one group. However, things have changed, and with these ed tech mobile apps, the courses are fully customised. So the students can set goals and study at their own pace that works best for them.


  • Increased Engagement

Education technology and mobile learning are more engaging than traditional learning. In mobile learning methods, there are graphical representations, followed by impromptu questions, and rewards to make the learning fun. The students will try their best to outgrow yesterday’s achievements. 


  • Improved Collaboration

Education technology and mobile learning can facilitate collaboration among learners, allowing them to work together on projects and share knowledge and ideas. So, if the university needs a skilled professor but cannot get him or her due to the geographical distance, it can be possible with mobile learning. This leads to enhancing the overall quality of education. 


  • Cost-Effective

Education technology and mobile learning can be more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based learning. To attend an offline class, the learners had to leave their homes earlier and commute through the crowd. As a result, it wastes the time and money of the learners. Some students also pay a hefty amount to pursue the course far from their hometown. By choosing remote learning, the students save a lot of money, time, and energy. Even if they want to clear the IELTS exam, they can get any free IELTS course and prepare for the exam. 

So, it is clear that educational technology and mobile learning have a significant impact on learning. However, there are some drawbacks to this mode as well. But, as the days pass, the technology is advancing and soon those drawbacks will vanish.


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