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Free Online Courses From StudySes For Motivating Learners

StudySes has launched its Free Online Courses for all with the mindset of motivating learners to excel in their education and work. The courses are designed to improve overall learning quality by implementing video representations, photos, and diagrammatic explanations. The motive behind such an approach is to make education engaging and interactive. Also, the app is available on mobile phones and tablets, which makes studying easier and hassle-free than before.


StudySes is the brainchild of Blueberry Web-Solutions with a hardworking team who put their brains and minds to introduce the learners to a platform with free online courses. And for that, we are pleased to inform you that all you need is a mobile phone with a stable network connection. And you are free to study anything you want on our app. Well, enough of it. Let us inform you about the courses and what we are going to bring to our app in the coming days. 


Courses Offered by Studyses- Free Learning App


Studyses has now the advanced 4 weeks IELTS Course and Tense Course. The IELTS course is available in 8 modules with detailed explanations of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The four parts are essential, and the test takers have to earn bands in individual parts to build a good IELTS score. The listening part of the course has 4 monologues and conversations, in which you can listen and answer the questions. As you end the test, you will see the score right away.


As you complete the listening test, you will proceed to the IELTS writing test. There are two writing tasks, which include writing a few words from the shown graph, table, diagram, or chart. The IELTS general and academic writing are different. So, if you are preparing for IELTS academic, you will get that in the next modules. Once you complete the self-assessment part of the IELTS Writing, you will go to the Reading section. 


The IELTS Reading section has various contents where the learners have to go through the content thoroughly to answer the questions. There will be 40 questions in the self-assessment test. Upon the completion of the test, you will see your proficiency in reading. 


The last and most critical part of IELTS is Speaking. To make things easier first, we have included simple to advance audio in native English. So you can understand their conversation easily. 


We also have the Spoken English course to support your English speaking skills. With numerous audio clips of monologues and conversations in native English. As you go into the details, the levels will be harder. 


In case you are struggling to form basic sentences in English, we have the Tense course to teach you how to form sentences used in everyday life. The basic grammatical form is supported by sentence construction, which is beneficial for the learners’ ability to form simple sentences. 


Apart from that, StudySes is adding more courses in the coming days. From management courses to subject-wise lessons to skill development courses, everything will be available on the app for free. We can assure you that once you get into our app, you will find a few courses beneficial for you. So, download the app from the Google Play Store and start free learning today.


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