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Stress management: Coping with stress and anxiety in academic life

With industrial growth and globalisation, stress and anxiety have become parts of life. Whether it is a job-related issue or academic pressure, stress is everywhere. Stress can happen due to various factors, such as academic pressures, social relationships, financial concerns, along with personal problems. Coping with stress and anxiety is essential to ace your academic and professional goals. However, the method for doing so is a bit different from person to person. That is why if you are struggling to manage academic stress and anxiety, we have some solutions for you. 


7 ways you can manage academic stress 

Your method of tackling hardships can differ. However, academic stress is not same for everyone. That is why if you think that following your friend’s policy will help out you, then you are totally wrong. You have to set your own routines for stress management. And we are going to explain them shortly. 


  • Identify your stress triggers

It is not that everything you see or happen with you triggers you. So, you need to find out what triggers you to stress and anxiety. Whether it is the academic deadline, exam preparation, or some incidents in your academic institution, you need to figure out them first. Once you find out what triggers your anxiety and stress, you need to work on them. 


  • Practice relaxation techniques 

Our existence is entirely dependent on our breathing. So, if that activity is hampered, our bodies will face issues. That is why, whenever you are under stress, make sure to maintain your breathing pattern. take deep breaths and release. Keep doing the breathing exercise until you feel relaxed. 


  • Exercise regularly 

Exercising regularly will keep your physical fitness in check. The study also shows that exercising every day releases endorphins which are happy hormones. So, these hormones help our body to stay calm and positive under stress. 


  • Prioritize your tasks 

Many students fall under academic stress because of the piled-up workload. That is why if you are willing to stay away from stress, make sure to keep your schedule clean. Do your pending work on time and maintain an academic calendar for the same. 


  • Practice time management 

Taking time more than what is required leads to academic stress. Therefore, make sure to maintain your time properly. If your history is weak, try to put more time into history. Similarly, if science is strong, then reduce the time you invest in science. 


  • Seek support 

If the academic stress is unbearable for you, try to seek support from your teachers. However, it will be more effective if you seek support from an academic advisor or counsellor. They can understand your situation and diagnose the problem efficiently. In the worst case, if you need medical help, they can prescribe you the dosage as required. 


  • Practice self-care 

Lastly, nothing will make you feel better if you don’t know how to love yourself. That is why if you are not feeling good about yourself, you need to work on yourself. Try to figure out why you are unhappy with your academics. Also, understand why you are not feeling like yourself. Once you found out the reasons behind your lack of unusuality, start to rectify them. 

So, these are the few things that you can do and practice to overcome stress and anxiety due to academic pressure. The word ‘academic’ is labelled as a problem without any legitimate reason. Otherwise, academics can be very interesting and people can truly enjoy the process. Even to support you in every academic step, you can follow academic platforms like StudySes to manage academic understanding. The platform is available on Android devices to make the learning process easier for students. With the app, students can learn from anywhere at any time.


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